The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.







For the most adventurous who like adventure, action, challenge, trial, and increased adrenaline combined with the enjoyment of the unique natural environment, Evia will satisfy them.

Adventure sports, such as windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, rafting, horse riding, rock climbing or mountain climbing, Bungee - Jumping, mountain gliding or paragliding, Jeep 4x4 safari or motorcycling, cycling and car races are here, waiting for you.


Mountain Bike- Off Road

The mountain volumes of Evia with the numerous dirt roads, the dense forests, the wild and rugged landscape, the green valleys, the brooks, the waterfalls, the paths and the forgotten hamlets are ideal for bicycle rides with mountain bike for both experienced and novice cyclists. Short or full-day, easy or difficult routes but full of colors and surprises you can find a lot in our county.

The mountain bike trails include off-road routes- off Road -routes on country roads, narrow paths, uphill and downhill places, in forests, mountains, valleys, ravines, picturesque villages, coastal areas, fields etc. and in categories (Cross country - endurance), Downhill, Marathon and Quad 4X4.

Organized cycling races and competitions, races among teams, descents, excursions etc. both road cycling and mountain cycling are organized by numerous groups of friends who love cycling in our county: Cycling lovers have created cycling routes in many parts of our county.


Safari with Jeep 4X4 or Motorcycling is the crossing of forest roads, river crossings, muddy dirt roads and mountain ascents with Jeep 4X4 or motorbike. The friends of this sport will be amazed by the beautiful routes, the mountainous volumes, the wild rocks, the forests, the streams, the plane trees,the pine trees, the fir trees,the chestnut trees, the sinks, the watermills, the caves, the traditional settlements and the traceless beaches of Evia.


The Safari combines adventure with the beauty of nature. In Evia because of the territorial specificities there are many natural routes, which  Safari 4x4 friends  -off road- love to explore. The clubs of 4x4 Friends  organize races, excursions, trips / road pleasure trips, as  well as courses / seminars, all based on the philosophy of ecology and love. The mountainous masses of Telethrio,Mount Xyron,Kandili,Pyxaria in the north, Dirfys, Xerovouni, Olympus, Mavrovounio, Kotylaion, Vromoneri in the center and Ochi in the south are the most ideal for Safari and not only.


Off road routes for Jeep 4x4

South Evia

- Tour around Ochi

- Karystos- Bouros- Mantili- Kastri

- Karystos -Paximadi

- Karystos- river beach

- Karystos or Marmari- Rouklia- Petrokanalo

- Karystos- Agios Dimitrios Schinodaflia

- Karystos - Gianitsi beach

- Karystos- Varelaioi beach

- Karystos - Almyropotamos beach

- Marmari - Porto Lafia- Nimporio

- Karystos - Dilissos




The "against the tide" is a new water sport held in Chalkida, in the Evian Gulf and is the effort of swimmers to pass under the "drawer" bridge of Chalkida swimming against the strong currents of the Evian Gulf. An extremely difficult sport that requires special training and physical strength, but also good knowledge of the movement of the currents. The athletes who start at the "podium" experience the trial,the endurance, the adrenaline rising, the excitement, the pleasure and the euphoria. It is organized by the non-profit association of sports and cultural events «Mad Waters», which is based on Chalkida.



Bungee - Jumping – Free fall from the High bridge of Chalkida

On the High bridge of Chalkida, which has a length:694.5 meters, of which 210m  are in the air,width:12.5m and free height:35.5 m. there is one of the most spectacular bungee sites in Greece. Here the athlete, among other experiences, can admire the stunning view of the tides of Euripus.


Paragliding or Parapente

The Paragliding or Parapente is a relatively new adventure sport and has taken its name from the words parachute and pent (slope). It is about a "special" parachute,with which someone can take off from a slope regardless its heigh (of course, when the weather conditions permit it) and does not require any kind of machinery. It gives the opportunity to anyone to "fly" like a bird and discover magical emotions There is a speed limit of the winds prevailing in the area and should not exceed the 25 to 30 km per hour. Also, it  needs attention to the clouds and, in particular, when they thicken and there is the threat of thunderstorm. The mountainous terrain of Evia with many, clean slopes combined with the climatic conditions is ideal and usually allows flights from spring to autumn. The sport requires good physical condition, a professional trainer and obedience to the safety rules.



The "Triathlon" includes kilometric routes combining swimming, cycling and running. Athletes compete individually in all 3 sports, or as a team in a relay race. The triathlon races are organized by sports clubs, by travel agencies, by  municipalities and local authorities very successfully.


The crossing of the northern Evian Gulf

It is a marathon swimming race that swimmers are required to cover a distance of about 14,500m. or 80 stages. The race starts from the coast on the location of "Lechouna" on the coast of Sterea Ellada (near the settlement Osmaes in Theologos) and ends to "Skala" in Limni. Swimmers-athletes are not allowed to use flippers or other auxiliary equipment of navigation (except for goggles, caps) and swimsuit which covers the whole body.

It is held every summer in July and August by the Amateur Fishermen Group of Limni "Poseidon." The sport,bears the name "SKYLLIAS" "in Honour," of the first confirmed long distance swimmer in antiquity,who played a key role in the Battle of Artemisium (480BC),North Evia, with his swimming performance and underwater activity.

Aiming at spreading the ideal of "Skyliias" -Marathon Swimming alongside with swimming endurance races have also been organized :

- "SKYLLIAS" 8,000 m. (Open class from 18 years old and above)

- "SKYLLIAS" 5,000 m. (Open class from 16 years and above)

- "SKYLLIAS" 2,500 m. (Open class from 14 years old and above)

- "SKYLLIAS" 500 m. for children aged 9-16


The Ascent of Ritsona

Every year the National Championship Ascent starts from Ritsona and has been established by the Racing Motorsport Association (ASMA). The race includes a route of 31 kilometers and lasts two days. The first day is the technical inspection of cars and action starts by conducting time tests. On the second day the event takes place and ends with the prize awards. The Ritsona route is the drivers and spectators’ most favourite one. It is not accidental that every year the number of entries is increased with spectators inundating all the route turnings, enjoying both the rich and fascinating spectacle.


The Ascent of Kimi

The Ascent of Kimi, which is counted on the National Championship Ascents, is held annually, the second weekend of May and is considered one of the most technical and beautiful ascents. The event has been recorded as one of the best and most well organized spectacles of this kind in the public consciousness. A unique spectacle that the area nationwidely offers to the ​​enthusiasts of this sport.

The races are held in the magnificent uphill road with its 52 turnings, from the beach to the outskirts of Kimi, in a route that the blue Aegean with the green of nature is alternated.

The Municipality provides the Municipality coaches for the transport of the spectators to the race sites.


Evia Rally Raid

The first international race of Rally Raid in Greece, which covered 800 km. in 3 days, with 120 competitors and with international participation was held for the first time in 2011 in Edipsos in northern Evia. The mountains and the beautiful beaches of Evia host the “Rally Raid” races very often.



Cycling races in mount Dirfys

In the mountaineering shelter of Dirfys "Michalis Nikolaou" and in cooperation with the mountaineering club of Chalkida,cycling races, in specially constructed tracks with wide participation of athletes and spectators, are organized every year.


Dirfys Marathon - Cycling downhill

The race has started from Evia, on Dirfys mountain and since then it has been established. It is held in specially designed routes with steep slopes and high degree of difficulty. The athletes cross cycling trails and forest roads. Fans of the sport are increased and the local community has embraced the race with warmth, which has become an institution.


Motocross  Championship

It is held every March by the Sports MOTOE in the spectacular Motorsport Track in Pei Dokos of Chalkida Municipality. Information on tel.number:6983609005,

Enduro Mediterraneo

The race includes at least three Special Routes (SP) of descent as a whole, which are timed, and may include tracks with inclination up to 10% uphill. The time that athletes cover the three special routes are added so as the winner of the match  comes out after completing the entire journey within a specific time.

In Evia the race is held in Dirfys and the starting takes place in Steni, 400m altitude. The athletes are required to pedal uphill, dirt roads with moderate pace along a signposted route up to 1000m altitude.


Dirfys Marathon-Mountainous, Semi- Marathon

The Dirfys Marathon is a mountainous semi-marathon on the mountain of Dirfys. It is a race that gives a name and status to the sport of mountain running on the mountains of central Evia. The Dirfys Marathon was first held in 2015,and since then it was established and became an institution.

Each summer, the date is given for this unique race, in which each contestant is asked to run the mountain marathon on the "mountain of the Temple of Hera." It is said that, in ancient times, the temple of Hera was on the top of Dirfys, in memory of her wedding to Jupiter.


Competitors and mountain lovers will have the opportunity to compete in the races of 29 km and 13 km, doing their best in the demanding routes of Dirfys. In this race, the participants will cross paths of the unique aesthetic forest in Steni, among the plane trees, beech trees, chestnut trees, fir and pine trees, with tremendous variations in landscape from lush greenery trails to alpine bare scenery as we approach the top of Dirfys.




Come to the beaches of Pefki in northern Evia, to Liani Ammos in Chalkida, , to Alykes,to Lefkandi in central Evia and to Korasida, to Saint Apostles, to Marmari in Southern Evia and let the magic of kitesurfing to excite you.

Take advantage of the sea and air doing tricks, body rotations around all the axes, rotations of the board and what imaginative someone can think. The game on the waves is the most spectacular one.High waves increase the adrenaline and here imagination is tested, as well as the courage, the strength, both physical and mental endurance of the athlete.



Rafting in River Manikiatis in the area of ​​Kimi

The descent of Manikiatis river with your inflatable boat is a unique experience for fans of the sport. Put on your wetsuit, and enjoy the river stream using your paddles to set the direction and avoid obstacles that are in your way. Depending on the water flow, your ride is sometimes slow and sometimes very fast, with strong shocks, twists and narrow passages where the water flow increases.Rafting is a very sociable sport that brings man in touch with the natural environment and offers them the opportunity to discover landscapes and beauties that are inaccessible by other means.