The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.





Sea Water Activities –Sports



Along  Evias  the length of  coastline, with the crystal, clean and clear waters, the rocky calm  beaches and in combination with the impressive morphology  of the bottom  and the huge undersea wealth is given the possibility for the  development of every kind of sea activities during the whole year regardless of weather conditions, offering unique moments of relaxing, fun and exciting  experiences:


What to do:


Swimming at the more than 130 large and small, blue and crystal beaches of Evian gulf and the Aegean Sea,

Diving (Scuba diving) in the  organized diving centres, where  you can serve diving  with every safety  and responsibility of all  categories. The specialized diving centres   offer diving training, diving equipment, diving boat, rental equipment and organized  diving excursions. The majestic reefs,  the vertical rocks, the ship  wrecks, the sea caves, the islets  are just some of the underwater attractions that every one  can admire.

• Snorkeling tour or surface tour.Using a mask, snorkel, sea shoes  and seasuit optionally,   and under the supervision of an instructor / attendant PADI you can   swim at the  surface of the sea admiring the underwater world, without doing diving. Daily snorkeling trips are organized by the Padi centres to  the different destinations of great beauty

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. The ideal winds, that because of the geographic position blow in our island throughout the year make the area one of the most ideal destinations for learning and practicing of  this kind of water sports and will offer you unforgettable experiences

Sailing. The organized and safety  fishing shelters and anchorages, that there are  all over Evia  facilitate the yachts and the smaller boats to be  tied  and to be equipped. Offshore races and triangle   races are organized very often in our island by sailing clubs.

Sea routes, touring and boat trips to deserted beaches, rocky coasts, sea caves and islets for swimming or sea picnics etc, are  organized by specialized marine tourism offices safely and professionally. We especially recommend you an excursion to an island complex "Petali", a cluster of ten islands in the south  Evian gulf  and the "Lihadonisia" islands  in the north Evian gulf.

Fishing and fish watching. You can rent fish  equipment from diving centres and from fish shops, which there are in the area  or  participating in organized fishing excursion on boat. .

• Water sports: skiing, jet ski, canoe-kayak, pedal boats, inflatable toys, banana etc.