The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.




Sports activities


Evia is a paradise for the lovers of nature and sports. All seasons of the year the visitors can participate either as athletes or watching  sport games and even living  the action, the challenge, the trial  and the emotion  discovering at the same time,  the natural environment, the beauty of the nature and feeling  the local colours and scents.



Trekking and mountaineering trails in Evia


The morphology of the ground, the imposing mountains with its dense  and  green  forests in the north and the wild, rough and impressive landscape in the south, the wetlands, gorges, rivers, bridges, cobblestone, watermill,  waterfalls,  the two mountain shelters, the traditional residents, the olive trees, the  wine yards, the living   local tradition, the folk art and the local gastronomy all offer you  unique experiences  near the  nature, from simple walking  in idyllic places to mild climbing.

The "Greek Mountaineering Club" of Halkida,,  has mapped a lot of  hiking and mountain trails, allowed  the safety  pass all seasons of the year.

The ascent to the tops of mounts, particularly  in Spring,  is one of the most exciting experiences that someone  can be  lived in Evia. The colours and smells of wild flowers and herbs will rejuvenate you from the start of the hiking.


Trekking and mountaineering trails in North Evia

- Agios-Prokopi (hours course: 6 easy)

- Mnimeio-Pyxjarias (hours driving: 6.5, less easy)

- Vlachia-Pyxarias (hours course: 6, less easy)

- Pili-Pyxarias (course hours: 2, easy)

- Troupi-Strougkitsa (hours driving: 3.5, less easy)

- Mount  Kandili (Makisto) (hours driving: 7.5, less easy)

- Gorge  Neleas (Arapis) (hours course: 2, easy)

- Katarraktes- mount Xiron  (hours driving: 3.5, easy)

- Mount Hiron  (hours course: 3 easy)

- Kastaniotissa-Semia (course hours: 4 easy)

- Lichada - Top  of mount Lichas (course hours: 2, easy)

- Kourkouloi- peak of mount Hiron (3.00 hours, b. Difficulty


Trekking and mountaineering trails in central Evia

- Chalkida- Mytikas - Ampelia-  Monastery of  Aghios Georgios ARMA

- Chalkida- Alikes

- Alikes – mount Ktipas

- The round of  Karababa

- Eretria -archaeological place- Akropoli

- Eretria - villages of mount Olympus

- Lafkanti- archaeological place Xiropoli- Island Dreams

- The round of Lelantion field

- Amarynthos-palaiopanagia- temple of Artemis

- Karavos- lampos-rifi-pontikou-kalami-akti  Nireos

- Aliveri- Karavos-Punta

- Avlonari- Oktonia- Agios Dimitrios (monastery of waterfall) – monastery   Matzari

- Konistres- Agioe  Vlassis-Loka- Episkopi- Vrysi- Dirrefmata- Konistres

- Kimi - Saviour Monastery - Chili

- Avlonari – monastery of Agios Charalampos

- Oktonia - Saint Mercurius-Mourteri

- Mill Sadda - Andronianon Bridge:  length: 1,563 meters

- Mill Sadda - dendra - Prophet Elias – Metallia: length: 4.543 meters

- Kimi - Andronianoi – Ortari:  (870 m) - Gorge Myli

- Kymi- monastery Metamorphosis Sotiros- Castle St. Georgiou- Soutsini, O.P. 5

- Source of Xoneftiko - Koryfi Ortari - Campos Vitalo, 7 hours

- Andronianoi-Metohi (hours course: 6 easy)

- Konistres - Kadi - Militsa - Vromonera O.P. : 5 meters

- Andronianoi - Militsa - Vromoneri O.P. : 5 modest

- Vromonera - Eftaos - Rema Karya O.P. 3 easy

- Brysi  - Dragonara - Castle O.P. 6 moderate

- Vrysi- Mavrovouni - Kadi

- The round of Kymi villages


Trekking and mountaineering trails in southern Evia

- Myloi- Kolones- Refuge in mount Ochi-dragon house in Ochi-Top (hour course: 4, easy

- Petrokanalo – gorge of  Dimosari

- Petrokanalo - Anemopyla (Cavo Doro mountains)

- Rouklia- Petrokanalo- gorge  Dimosari

- Agios Dimitrios -Gorge St. Dimitriou- Trail  of Sara (hours driving: 2.5, easy

- Agios Dimitrios – Kalergo of Kallianou

- Kalyvia (Environmental Information Center) - Lala - portes - Top Ochi

- Kalyvia – Agia Triada - Castel roso- Mills

- Marmari- great ammos- Zastani- Kefalas

- Styra - kolones- drakospitaof  Styra -Akropoli Armena (hours driving: 2.5, easy)

- Nea Styra - Tzali- Terpsithea- Diliso

- Nea Styra – Lefka - Kagkadaioi

- Platanistos - Elliniko- Potami

- Path of coast Archampolis

- Giannitsi - Castle Fylagra

- Beach Almyropotamos - Tigani

- Beach Almyropotamou- Agios Dimitrios- Sykies gerou- Porto Buffalo

- Beach Almyropotamos - old mine (palio orihio)

- Aliveri- Karavos- castle Rizokastro

- Aliveri- Coast Nireos- old monopati- OLYMPIC STAR hotel

- The round of lake Dystos

- Petries- watermills-Stomio (course hours: 2, easy)

- Zarakes- Argyro- beach Agios Dimitrios



Εxploration  of Gorges

Astonishing beauty are the gorges of Evia and they are offered for crossing, exploration, adventure, challenge and unique experiences:


North Evia

Gorge of  River Nileas or Arapis  or Bolovinainas

It is located near the village of Agia Anna (3 km west) in a mountainous area near the village of Palaiovrysi.  The sources of the river start height up  the village Karasia  and cast out in the Aegean Sea on the beach of Krya Vrysi in the ancient Kyrinthos. The course is difficult and lasts  7-8 hours. You will need to swim in same places. The gorge called “Bolovinenas”  because as  the  history refers during the revolution of 1821  Bolovinaina, a young girl,  wanting to avoidthe Turkish army fell into the river  and  then it took her name. The “Arapis” name probably comes from the ancient legend,  which referred  that the sheep that drank water from the banks of Neleus river, gave birth black lambs.


Central Evia

Gorge of Agali

It is located near Agios Athanasios village, from where the path begins. It is a rare beauty gorge. The green slopes with plane trees, the plants, the streams and cliffs with the various  colors create a beautiful bouquet of natural beauty. The gorge in its  route  forms  small waterfalls. The Visitor will see streams to run thought   the steep  tocks. The ascent through the gorge runs cyclically the western foothills of mount Dyrfis.


South Evia

Gorge Dimosari. (Hours course: 5 easy).

It is the most popular and most beautiful gorge of Evia. It starts from the feet of the mount Ochi “Petrokanalo” (altitude 960 m.), Its length   10 km, it cross the river Dimosari and through  Lennosaioi village ends up  to the beach at Kallianos. The route is amazing  beautiful, on the cobbled streets, near   the banks of the river, with springs, waterfalls, ponds,  dense  plants  in all shades of green.

Gorge  St. Demetrios. (2.30 hours, easy).

It is the stream that leads towards   the beach of the village, the “Schinodavlia” in the  Aegean sea. It is an impressive gorge with rocky cliffs, bushes, plane trees, oak trees  in   small waterfalls and natural pools.

Gorge Nea  Styra (course hours: 2, easy).

It starts from the village Reouzi or Zoodohos Pigi. It is impressive, full of   oleander, lentisk, cedars, plane trees etc. and ends up to the crystal waters of the Aegean.

Platanistos Gorge - river beach. (Time 4).

The gorge is an idyllic forest landscape and through a verdant valley with plane trees, trees willow, crystal waters and sources lends up  to the beach “Potami” with very thin white gravel.

Archampolis Gorge (five hours, easy).

It is located on the northeast side of mount  Ochi between Evangelismos and Thymi  villages. The  route  is of wild beauty. Vertical cutter rocks create a dramatic landscape that  endsup   to  a wonderful  beach.


Climbing - Climbing Areas

On  the steep  and the clear   rocks  at the  mountains of Evia  have been  formed  several climbing areas of various degrees of difficulty, by the Mountaineering Association  of  Halkida, EOS, there specialists  professionals give to the friends of  the climbing unique experiences


Climbing areas:

-Kamari. It is located near the Kamari village in central Evia,  close to the monastery of St. George ARMA. It consists of three large limestone rocks and  the  lanes are mainly at vertical cliff

-Hiliadou. Chiliadou is one of the most famous beaches of Evia, just 1.5 hours from Halkida. The rock rising up  above the beach, is of limestone, quite sharp and ideal for climbing of all levels of difficulty. There are rocks you can traverse without ropes and special equipment and as well steep cliffs for the most demanded. In the middle of the beach there are two facing rocks with more high routes.

-Karaouli,close  to  Steni village.  This large complex of rocks,   of high quality limestone,  with a height of 15-80 meters and equipped with stainless steel plates and machined stainless steel plugs. There are over 25 routes

-Oktonia. It  is an imposing rock,  that overlooks on the north slope of Kallimanis mountain (762m), at an height  of 470m, with panoramic view in the gulf of Kymi and the island of Skyros.

-Katavolos  at Metohi. It is located 6 km before the village Metochi, in eastern central Evia, overlooking the Aegean sea on the outskirts of Kotylaia mountain. It consists of compact limestone of excellent quality and it has 19 tracks.

-Vrysi.It is located in the  west of the Vrysi village, at the  "Bougazi" area. The  climbing area is an  limestone rock, quite sharp and of excellent quality. Its  height is about 40 meters and contains 16 tracks. One can climb all year on the sharp rocks of the mount.



Horse Riding


The Horse Riding in Evia has  been developed  and organized significantly offering excitement and unique experiences for fans of all ages.

Eight (8) specially   organized   Horses   Centers,   with trained staff  and trained horses wait for you  to revealing  the secrets of riding.  Here you have the opportunity to make short or far trips on horsebacks,  in  nature trails, in the forests, pine trees, plane trees and olive groves, mountain peaks,  rivers, streams  or by the sea and  to enjoying  the nature and experience fascinating of emotions  and unforgettable experiences .

Riding lessons and trips are provided at the Horses Centers. The horse riding routs   last  about 30’, 60’, half an hour or a full day trips, etc.).  At the farms,  the  visitors   can also take part in feeding and in  training of the  horses

Many Horse centers   afford   playgrounds, trampoline, also they  organize hiking, cycling  and  they give opportunity of  the preparation of homemade food. Also they keep  small zoos with pets.


North Evia

-Athletic Regular Riding Club (mesh)

  Agia Anna beach, Tel. 6944-308.285, 6972-530.639

-Horse  Farm "IPPEROS"

 Psaropouli (Vasilika Beach), T / 6932-796.964, www.ipperosfarm @,

-Equestrian Centre "PETALO"

  Taxiarhis Village.  T / 22260-72.518, 6973-936.469,

-Equestrian Centre 'KAMATRIADES"

Kamatriades, TIL.22260-87.201, 6970-207751,


Central Evia

-Chalkida Riding Club , at the Nterneki area  

It is the oldest equestrian club in Evia with great tradition in sports riding and caring for horses.

Provides riding lessons,  horses training and  learning.

-Equestrian Centre in Androniani Kimi, ( Hagen Loty Tel .: 2222029669 6987372009, @

South Evia

-Karystos Riding Club "PHILIPPI"

Tel .: 22240-23960, 2224029023 Fax, Mob. 6932277853, www.vetcare @,




The Bicycling,   as a sport activity, which   has targets in adventuring,   challenging, entertainment, the contact with nature and the discovery of unexplored areas, there have been a lot of  friends  in Evia.  Men, women and children of all ages participate in bicycling events of all kinds with safety and pleasure. The Bicycling offers emotion, pleasure and  enjoying of  the nature.


Bicycling routs  and motor biking routs

North Evia

-Loutra -Polylofos-  Monastery of St. George of  Ilia

-Loutra   Aidipsou- Agios- Galatsades- prophet Elijah (Telethrio mount)

-Louyta  Aidipsou- Saint Nikolaos- Gialtra- Gregolimano- Saint Georgios- Lichada- cape

-Oreoi-Taxiarhis (cooperative figs, equestrian center) - Kastaniotissa- Galatsades- Kamatriades- Semia

-Istiaia- Monokarya- Milies- Kryoneritis-

-Istiaia- Voutas-Kokkinomilia- Kerasia- Museum fossil mammals

-Istiaia- Avgaria- Galatsonas- Gerakiou- Artemisio- Asmini

-Rovies-  Monastery of Saint David- waterfalls Drymonas-Kerasia- Beach Ag. Anna

-Limni- katounia-  Monastery Galataki-Xaroupia


Central Evia

-Chalkida- Mytikas - Ambelia- Filla, monastery of  Aghios Georgios ARMA

-Chalkida- Alikes

-The round of the castle of Karababa

-Eretria - villages of Olympus

-Lafkanti- archaeological place Hiropoli- Island Dreams

-The round of Lelantine field

-Amarynthos-palaiopanagia- temple of Artemis

-Karavos- kambos, rifi-Pontikos-coast Nireos

-Aliveri- Karavos-Punta

-Avlonari- Oktonia- Agios Dimitrios (monastery of  waterfall)- monastery of  Mantzari

-Konistres- Agiow  Vlassis-Loka- Episkopi- Vrysi- Dirrefmata- Konistres

-Kimi - Saviour Monastery - Chili

-The round of Kimi villages


South Evia

- The round of mount Ochi

- Karystos- Bouros- Mantili- Kastri

- Karystos – Paximadi cape

- Karystos- Potami beach

- Karystos or  Marmari - Rouklia- Petrokanalo

- Marmari - Porto Lafia - Nea Styra

- Nea Styra- Deleso

- Karystos- Agios Dimitrios -Schoinodaflia

- Karystos – Gianitsi beach

- Karystos- Varelaioi beach

- Karystos - Almyropotamos beach

- Marmari - Porto Lafia- Nimporio

- Karystos – Deleso.




In Shooting Clubs, that are found in Evia, as well as  the new Archery section of the Mountaineering Association of Chalkida,, you can exercise,  train and act  in your favourite  sport, the archery. If you do not have your archery  equipment   you will be  given by the Mountaineering Association of Chalkida.