The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.



Agro due to the nature and geography of Evia grows quite fast across the island.



Women's Cooperatives



Women's Agricultural Association of New Artaki " Artakeia Fountain »

Produced products: Almonds, Bread buns , sweets , cookies , pastries , liqueurs , chocolates 

Address : 9, 28th Octovriou str.,  PC 346 00 Evia

Telephone : +30 2221042482 Fax: +30 2221042492


Agrotouristiki Cooperative Organization of Women New Artaki "Nea Kyzicus"

Produced Products : Almonds , buns , sweets , pan , scones , pastries , liqueurs , chocolates , jams , honey cakes , bouquets ,

Address : 113, Ethiniki Antistasseos str., PC 346 00 Evia

Telephone : +30 2221041120 Fax: +30 2221041120


Due to the nature and geography of Evia Agritourism is growing very fast in  the island.

Agricultural Association of Women Municipality Avlonos "AVALONA"

Produced Products : Jams, sweets , Marmelades , cookies , pasta products

Address : Hania Avlonari PC 340 09 Aulis

Telephone : +30 2223032210

The Development Cooperative of Handicrafta Kymi

Produced Products: farming silk worms, traditional sweets, almond liqueur , traditional soap , various herbs and spices

Telephone : +30 2222023352 Fax: +30 2222023669

Agricultural Cooperative of Rovies standardization of olives organic.

Tel : +30 2227024019


Agricultural Cooperation of Oreon produces, standardizes and packages the famous dried figs

Tel: +30 2226072333

Agricultural Coop of Kymi,  produces and packages-standardizes the famous fis of Kimi-PDO Tel +30 2222023352

Eating place in Styra

The Deipnosophistae, in Styra. Tel +30 2224042100 6936061261


In Styra in an idyllic setting beside the fountains and trees is an area of relaxation and hapennings, music events and other festivities. It has a monastic style and supports the tradition of South Evia. The name is no coincidence, since the philosophy stands on this ancient Deipnosophistae (on combining food, wine tasting, discussion, especially during winter, where are several ongoing events ) .  Attracts everyone, since apart from local delights of its cuisine and local cellar, it also serves morning coffee place.  Apart from the beauty of the area the attractive surrounding trees, especially with the coolness of the summer breeze.




Friday-Saturday-Sunday +30 22270-51008, 22270-51038.

Monday to Thursday 6944251823, +30 6943901252  +30 6971596831

Contact hours: 8:30 to 14:30 and 18:30 to 21:30


It is 1.5 km from the village Papades and 10 km from Vasilikon beach. In North Evia in a uniquely organized and fenced are of 20 acres , with forest recreation and relaxation , in an area of rare natural beauty and excellent sea views.

PAPADES VILLAGE receives visitors from all over Greece and worldwide, year round. Its mission is to offer warm hospitality and meet every need for real and physical pleasure.

The exposure with nature is ideal for lovers of (forest , environmental , day trips , corporate , and church missions) , the organization of conferences , seminars and social events , as well as information about the necessity of conservation to students at all levels of education is key priority.

The position of the Forest Village is such that the visitors can enjoy the mountain or the sea at any time during the year .

It is an ideal destination for family holidays, with accomodations of houses with 2 bedrooms , playroom ) and external open spaces (children's playground , farm animals) are designed to meet the complete desires and needs of our little friends .

Tel: +30 2227071619 E-mail.:

Eleonas warmly embraces you and is ready to welcome you all year round in Rovies, Evia Island and within easy walking distance of the sea and a short ride from local amenities this is the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of life today.

Set within 350 acres of olive groves, located by the sea, in Rovies, North Evia you can experience the unique atmosphere of our olive groves.

With easy access from Athens and Thessaloniki, the breathtaking view from the rooms, make it an ideal holiday location providing high quality accommodation in a relaxed atmosphere.


The " PETALLO " located in village in Northern Evia . Tel +30 2226072518 Cell.: 6973696664
Ms. Eleni Morali

The " PETALLO " is a free equestrian center located in North Evia and specifically in an area of ​​15 acres, located at the foot of Mount Telethrion and traversed by a small stream, which comes through the lush forest . Simultaneously 4km is the village Oreoi bathed in the blue waters of Evia. Here you can escape from the stress and the daily routine of the big city and combine the coolness of the mountain , whilegazing from Skiathos , Skopelos and Alonissos and the colors of the sunset .

So organize a small or big, winter or summer vacation to " PETALLO " and enjoy riding or hiking through the lush of the forest trees , pines and oak trees bevy by the singing birds and murmuring flowing waters enjoyment unbeatable in nature .



Tel: +30 2227071480, 71108, 71223   Fax: +30 2227071481


The eco-friendly Souris hotel is fully harmonized with the green landscape and located only 50 meters away from the central beach in Rovies,  a seaside and picturesque village of North Evia (Euboea) island in Greece. It consists by 28 rooms and Suites with full equipment, modern or traditional design and view to the sea, the mountain or the mediterranean garden. 
The hotel is ideal for summer holidays or winter and spring excursions in north Evia island for individual visitors or groups. Guests during their stay in the area will be able to join activities in which they will explore unique natural beauties of north Evia island (horse riding, trekking in the forest and walking paths, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, cycling etc.).
Close to Rovies there are many well-known orthodox religious see sights such as Church of Saint John the Russian, Monastery of Saint David, Monastery of Saint Nicholas  and traditional villages/towns, a traditional and folklore museum in Limni town, the charming waterfalls of Drymona, a museum of fossilized mammals and a fossilized forest. Souris hotel offers homemade breakfast buffet with pies, pancakes, fresh lemonade, marmalades, juices, pastries and many local products.
Guests could taste unique delicacies made by pure olive oil of Rovies or drinks in the sophisticated and warm decorated bar - restaurant of Souris hotel which is also ideal for meetings, weddings or group events. The hotel provides also free Wi-Fi, parking, garden and outdoor playground for it's small friends.


Ilion studios   +30 2226040551-2   E-mail.:

Our small, family-run lodging is situated next to the main road between two villages, Pefki and Artemisio. Its location, 300m approximately from the beach and 800m from the main promenade, makes it ideal for a traveller seeking for a place offering quiet, away from rush and noise of the centre. We have created this little oasis of greenery with love and care so you can feel here like at home.

The building of Ilios Studios has influences from traditional Greek architecture, while the rooms, each one different from the other, combine the warmth of wood with modern funcionality creating feeling of comfort  and family care. The building is surrounded by green garden full of fruit trees and palms.


"To Rodi"  Boutique Hotel in Rovies North of Evia

Tel .: +30 2226071666    E-mail.:

The guesthouse "TO RODI", combining stone and wood, both ecological materials, presenting a unique aesthetic appeal and ideally located close to the Byzantine tower, just 20 meters from the sea.

In the spacious and tastefully decorated public areas, the enjoyment of a coffee or a drink by the fireplace guarantee the best choice for the winter, while in summer the proposed large verandas, overlooking the  beach. Because morning starts with a hearty breakfast, made with fresh ingredients in an openspaced dining area to enjoy hot bread, pies, local olives, yogurt, pancakes with honey, eggs, cakes and homemade jams, will provide the necessary energy for the day's activities.


Arxontiko Kymis, Evia Island, Greece
Tel: +30 2222023896 / 23610, Fax: +30 2222023780     E-Mail:

The best representation of the ancient ideal of hospitality is identified with thw sense of offer of all the material comforts of stay and aesthetic spur for the creation of a cheerful and relaxed mood as well. The taken care elegant places with a sense of delicate gentility and homely solicitude, the rich breakfast with pure biological materials, the bird’s eye view and the excellent comforts of the rooms of the boutique hotel “Arxontiko of Kymi” create the ideal atmosphere of an enjoyable stay in a heavenly holiday destination. We offer from our heart the best we afford to our guests as the famous Kymi hospitality sets as well as the owners’ family tradition does.

"AMARYLLIS" Furnished Houses

Located at the so called "big balcony" of Karystos, in the most picturesque village of Gourna, "Grabia" with the crystal-clear waters, the panoramic view and beneath the noble gaze of the "Castello Rosso" the newly-built, luxurious villas "Amaryllis" predominate. 
The eight (8) luxurious villas are built at this ideal spot from where the visitor's look reaches the vast blue of the sky and the sea. 
The luxurious villas "Amaryllis" are utterly tied in with the natural environment and follow the rules of aesthetics since the famous rock of Karystos prevails in their construction and decoration.
The villas are amphitheatrically built and offer from every side a unique view of Karystos Gulf in combination with its lacy coasts. Let your eyes sail you through the deep blue sea and enjoy the beauties of the Nature.

Tel: +30 2224023045  +30 6974310875, 


Roads of Wine - Wine in Evia and Skyros

In the Prefectural region of Evia the wine tourism interest starts from the mainland in Ritsona Avlidas and continues in central Evia Lilantio in the field and in Southern Evia in Karystos and Marmari, where oenophiles will discover little-known wines Karystia .

Last, there is a strong wine activity in the North Evia and Istiea.



Evoiki Winery Emmanuel Skouloudis Ritsona
Tel +30 2221034860-3 ​​ Fax +30 2221034865  E-mail.:

Red Tower- Mytikas

Lykos Apostolos Malakontas Eretria
Tel +30 2229069222 Fax 2229068200   E-mail.:

Mountrichas Apostolos Mytikas
Tel & Fax +30 2221055350

Vineyard Mitzifiri - TwoTrees Mytikas Mytzifiri
Tel +30 2221090277 / 90690

Sparkling Elli SA Ritsona
Tel 2221034884 Fax 22210 34884

Tel +30 2221034850

Tzivanis George Field, Vineyard, Museum Ritsona
Tel +30 2102533000, 2102581460-5, 6992582000       E-mail.:

Wine Corporation of Karystos - Marmari Greek America 34001 Karystos - Evia ,
Secretary: 22240 22782

Montofoli  Estate , Old Town of Karystos ,
Tel +30 2224023951

Property Vryniotis Gialtra Aidipsos North Evia
Tel 2107254710  2103620726  Fax 2107254711




Chalkida is famous for its unique ouzo and hor’d'oeuvres. Fresh fish and seafood prepared and cooked in time and accompanied by fine ouzo or raki. Many fish taverns can be found by the coastal beach.

Throughout the island of Evia equally famous are the meat taverns, local cheese pies, phyllo-dough spinach pies, wine, liquor and many local delicacies. Livestock and dairy products of Karystia, Skyros, Central and North Evia, is famous for its quality and taste. All restaurants and taverns grill pork chops and have great variety in stews. In some of these local sausages are served "gardoumpes", and “kokoretsi” local delicacies and home baked bread.

In Karystia they serve goat, ewe cooked in many varieties, red rooster with Kourkoubines or Goglias ( kind handmade pasta ) .

Skyros famous for its lobster and its lobster spaghetti.

Savour everywhere sweets and jams, baklava, almond, dried figs, local nougat, handmade sweets.

When in Evia try the raki, ouzo, liqueurs and wines.