The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.



Climbing and Hiking in Evia

Evia a crossroad of an extensive network marked with mild hiking paths. There are also several uncharted areas where steep wooded trails in beautiful plateaus and peaks exist with breathtaking views.

The mountains of Pixaria, Kandiliou, The Saint, Telethrio and Xirou in Northern Evia, the area of Dirfys, Olympus and Kotylaion in Central and Ochi in Southern Evia are an ideal choice for half or full-day excursion.  

Hikers and mountain climbers will revel in the Michalis Nikolaou Mountanieering Refuge of Dirfy at an altitude of 1,100 meters, offering unparalleled views of both the Aegean and the Evian Gulf and it can accommodate at least fifty climbers.  

In Karystou, there is also a smaller shelter with fewer available amenities named “Shelter Ochi”


Trails in Central Evia


♦ Steni Dirfy shelter ( trail course: 2.5 hours easy).

♦ Xerovouni Dirfys' shelter  ( trail course: 2.5 hours, easy).

♦ Gorge of Stropones-Chiliadou ( trail course: 4 hours, easy).

♦ Lamari-Chiliadou ( trail course: 2 hours, easy).

♦ Shelter Dirfys - Gorge Statues ( trail course: 5.5 hours, less easy).

♦ Agali Gorge - Rachi of Glyfada ( trail course: 4 hours easy).

♦ Daphne-Melouna ( trail course: 2 hours easy).

♦ Evιa's Olympos ( trail course: 2.5 hours, easy)

♦ Ampoudiotissa-Skotini ( trail course: 3.5 hours, easy).

♦ Andronianoi-Metoxi ( trail course: 6 hours easy)


Trails in Northen Evia


♦ Agios Prokopios ( trail course: 6 hours, easy).

♦ Mnimeio Pixaria ( trail course: 6.5 hours, moderate).

♦ Vlachia Mt. Pixaria( trail course: 6 hours, moderate).

♦ Pili of Pixaria ( trail course: 2 hours easy).

♦ Troupa-Strougkitsa (trail course: 3.5 hours, moderate).

♦ Mount Kandili (Makisto) (trail course: 7.5 hours, moderate).

♦ Nilea Gorge (Nigger) (trail course: 2 hours easy).

♦ Drimona Falls - Mountain Xiron (trail course : 3.5 hours, easy).

♦ Xiron Mountain (trail course: 3 hours, easy).

♦ Mount Telethrion - Kastaniotissa - Semites (trail course: 4 hours, easy).

♦ Lichada - mountain Lichas (trail course: 2 hours, easy).

♦ Kastaniotissa - Semites (Telethrion)  (trail course 4 hours, easy)

♦ Kourkouli-Xiros Mountain Top (trail course 3 hours, easy)



Trails in South Evia


♦ Petries - Watermills - Orifice (trail course: 2 hours, easy).

♦ Ruler Gorge in Styra (trail course: 2 hours, easy).

♦ Dragon House of Styra - Acropolis Armenia (trail course: 2.5 hours, easy).

♦ St Demetrios Gorge - Sarah Trail (trail course: 2.5 hours, easy).

♦ Demosaris Gorge  (trail course: 4 hours, easy).

♦ Mili - Refuge - Dragon house - Top Ochi (trail course: 4 hours, easy).

♦ Archampolis Beach - Archampolis canyon (trail course: 1 hours, easy).

♦ Petrokanalo - Demosaris Gorge 

♦ Petrokanalo - Anemopyla (mountains Kavodoro)

♦ Rouklia - Petrokanalo

♦ Mills - Ochi Shelter - top of Ochi - Petrokanalo

♦ Agios Dimitrios - Kalergis - Kallianou

♦ Agios Dimitrios - Top Boublia

♦ Trails coast Archampolis

♦ Environmental Information Center - Lala - Portes - Top of Ochi

♦ Environmental Information Center - Agia Triada - Castello Rosso - Mili

♦ Ano Aetos - Agios Georgios - aetopetra

♦ Platanistos - Elliniko - Potami beach


In Evia and in particular in Chalkida there is the Mountaineering Association of Chalkida, with a rich program of mountaineering sports, climbing and mountain biking excursions.



Tηλ.+ 30 2222125230




Mountaineering is climbing under summer conditions (with winter conditions, referred to as alpinism), on any mountain top, from steep slopes (cliffs) which necessarily applies to climbing techniques (small / large degree of difficulty) with auxiliary equipment. In Evia there are many areas where you can make free style climbing with many available schools.


In Evia there are many mountain climbing areas as:


- Steni located on Mt. Karaouli

- In Kamaria, "Kamari" is located south of Chalkida and within 1/2 an hour, near the homonymous village. It consists of three large volumes of rock

- In Dokos Chalkida

- Chiliadou in Eastern central Evia


For more information:

Tηλ.+ 30 2222125230