The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.



During the year, and especially in the summer months local festivals are organized in almost all communities of the island. The celebrations take place in open public areas such as the squares, in agro-fields, or by the sea and open to everyone, locals as well as visitors. The god of Dionysos is the dominant form taking over the every day problems with music, dancing and enjoying the local culinary delicacies.  

Some of the most important festivals are:    



In many villages of Northern Evia during 
the month of November they make the distillation of raki offering it in a many held festivals and events. Equally famous are celebrations taking place in "tavernas"  offering meat delicacies, cheese and many local food products. 



Local food Products Feastival in Chalkida.

On the occasion of International Cooperative Day, organized on the beach of Chalkida the women's cooperatives of Evia organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Evia.                                                                           

Agricultural organic products Feastival held in the beach of Chalkida. Every September an exhibition takes place for agricultural and biological products, where visitors can sample and purchase them.              

Sardine Feastival held in the beach of Chalkida in Kripidoma and Yacht Club


Revival of "Vlachiko wedding" held in many villages of Central and Southern Evia offering food delicacies and wine.                                                        

The lighting of a bonfire, a traditional feast in the villages of Lepoura.


The traditions of the Virgin Mary held in Kymi mid-August.
Residents celebrate in the streets and in other open space  savouring the traditional stew which has been prepared in large cauldrons.                                                                

The celebration of squid "calamari". Taking place in May and July respectfully in the beach of Chiliadou, where fishermen organize the squid celebration which includes a squid fishing contest.


Tea Feast held in Setta. The tea feast is held to promote the Evian tea. The celebration lasts all day and ends with live folkloric music and traditional dances of Evia.


Wine Festival in Vassiliko on the premises of  ASACH


Honey Festival in Steni. It is an event organized by the Beekeepers Cooperative of Steni. The Cooperative sells as well quality Evian honey to its visitors. Women   prepare donuts with honey "loukoumades", baklava and other offered sweets . 


Cherry Festival in Metoxi Kymi. The purpose of the organization is to explore the area, increase the production and promote tourism. The visitors are given the opportunity to taste the excellent varieties of the cherries.


On August 15 in Kymi, a traditional feast is organized  with traditional stew as practiced in many other towns and villages of Evia too.


Ouzo Feastival in New Lampsacus.


Fig festival held in Vitalo Kymi organized by the Association every August held with various cultural events.

Cheese Festival held in the village Mavropoulo - Dirfy taking place in July

Potato festival held in the village Ritsona - Dirfy taking place in June

Moustalevria Feast  grape must pudding) held in the village Vryssi -  in September.



Kotomazomata- kotofagomata in Grambia Karystia. On the day of the celebration of the Epiphany with the accompaniment of traditional instruments sing carols and collect chickens. The last Saturday of January is the eating of chickens.


Sardine Festival at Holy Apostles in Petries. Takes place in August, is offered grilled sardines and wine followed by celebration with traditional music.

Wine Festival Karystos. In late August or early September organized wine festival with plenty of wine, local food and folkloric orchestra to entertain all visitors.                                                                                        


Raki Feastival  In many villages of Karystia held in November distilled raki offered with numerous cultural events.



The feast of Saint Mamas in Skyros.
Agios Mamas in Greek beliefs, is associated with the ancient gods, protectors of pastors, specifically in Skyros, where livestock once flourished. The church of St. Mamas every year holds a large festival in honour of the saint.  

At the festival you can sample many traditional food delicacies.