The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.



Nature is generous with the islands of Evia and Skyros.

Like the rest of Greece, the Prefecture of Evia has a particularly rich and diverse natural environment with strong geomorphological contrasts and areas with high ecological value.

Its ecology flourishes in all areas, its green mountains and rivers, canyons with rich flora & fauna in the surrounding areas combined with the shades of the many beaches of the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Evia.

The island is a patchwork of the appropriate characteristics, to declare it as an ideal destination of eco – tourism and the visit at any time of year​​, will be unforgettable.

The visitor will be able to wander into primeval forests, enjoy natural monuments such as caves and canyons, study the vast variety of flora, observe and admire rare bird species resorting on wetlands,
participate in sports or extreme sports, and choose accommodation in farm houses, to experience the ultimate culinary traditions of the island.

The Prefecture of Evia, the 4 Season destination island all year round