The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.



The best beaches of Evia

Beaches on North Evia



The Seychelles of Greece!

A cluster of small islands with the larger the round, the magnolias and the smaller the Little Strogili, the Steno, the Vayia and aresmallest  called Pontikoniso. Tucked away in the western corner of the region, these islets are great for natural explorers and can easily be swum to and in between.  Those who are seeking a more active aqua encounter will love these tropical-look islets known as Lichadonisia or “the Greek seychelles”.

* Access by the sea

The Beach Sarakiniko


A beautiful beach located in Central Evia with black pebbles and coarse black sand. The water is relatively deep as it usually happens with all the beaches bordering the Aegean Sea. It’s a  300m on a 4X4 to reach the beach but many prefer to walk it, but attention is needed because the route is downslope and  the return is mostly uphill and quite tiring.

** Difficult access

Pefki Beach
Perhaps the most organized beach and the largest in Northern Evia. Pefki beach is the main destination for vacationers in Northern Evia, with a ​​4.5 km beach strech comprising of sand, pebbles and small stones and gives the visitors the choice to choose amongst both. In Pefki beach one will find dozens of hotels to begin their holiday stay.
Makrygialos beach

Makrygialosis the largest beach in the community of Vlachia.  A stream that rolls the waters of the sea and the trees that reach the edge of the beach creating a peaceful and ideal spot for family vacations You can find excellent local restaurants in the village and enjoy the swim in a natural blue sea.

Limnionas Beach


A pebble beach with very dark cherry-brown sand, which during the day is so hot that no one can walk on it barefoot.  The sea is deep enough, as most of them in Evia facing the Aegean Sea. You will find 2 canteens where you can get coffee and sandwiches and there are 1-2 taverns to try the delicacies while enjoying the swim.

Vythouri beach


A magnificent beach with crystal clear turquoise waters and small pebbles located behind Mount Dirfi. The beach is very small and rarely sees visitors and there are no nearby restaurants or cafes. The beach offers complete isolation from the city lights and is preferred by many for free camping.

** Difficult access


Agios Georgios Beach

agios georgios

One of the most beautiful beaches in Evia, St George is located in front of the village. The Beach has a long coastline with fine and coarse gravel.  The name of St. George is from the homonymous church, which is built on the foundations of an old hermitage. An ideal holiday destination with its picturesque harbor that offers activities such as fishing, short sea cruises, surfing, diving. Along with Yaltra is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Greece, due to its dense vegetation, which reaches the sea, makes them look like tropical islands.

* Easy Access        

Rovies Beach


Is the sequel to the sea, the eponymous seaside village in North Evia. It is one of the most famous beaches with pebble and sand. It has several places with organized sun beds and umbrellas and serving coffee and snacks. Along the beach are several food taverns and coffee shops. It meets the following beaches belonging to Rovies, Iraklis Beach of the most beautiful beaches of the grove, located immediately after the village of Limni and is characterized for its rich vegetation, Elaiona Beach situated outside the village towards Edipsos. The most beautiful part of the beach is around the small river 'Gerakas' and Kamini beach situated towards the Edipsos village.
*It’s a nudist beach on one sector

Agia Anna Beach

agia annaIs also known as Agali, probably because it hugs uniquely all your senses when you are there. It is the longest beach in Evia (about 9km) and is on the road towards Istiaia. It’s a sandy beach, with beautiful water and the best time to visit it is in the month of July. A fertile place surrounded by lush vegetation and brilliant blue waters, creating a magical image.

*It’s a nudist beach on one sector


Beaches on Central Evia

Korasida beach

Amongst Kalamos and Chiliadou beach the most beautiful beaches in central Evia and perhaps in Greece too. With stunning turquoise crystal waters, small thin white pebbles and perfect combination of mountain - sea, creates the conditions for your holidays.  On the beach into the sea pervades a small hill thus formed two small bays, Cervical and St. John, with white sand. Close to Korasida is a source of water source ideal for its digestive  and healing therapeutic properties. Also close to the beach, are the unexploited  and the undeveloped caves of Tsiplogianni Chaskza ( the name is derived from open hole, mouth ).

Kalamos beach

It is a uniquely beautiful beach with turquoise waters and white sand separated by a rock, creating, as the locals call the "Good" and the “Wicked" due to the calmer waters and the "wild" waters on the other side, which is preferred and free camping.  The beach has thin golden sand and the water is clear even though it is a bit cold. Nearby there is a coffee shop and an amazing tavern to enjoy the local squid.

Thapsa beach


Located in central Evia and is one of the most inaccessible beaches of Evia. Definitely need a 4x4 jeep to get to this secluded beach following a rough difficult dirt road of about 10km.

** Difficult access

Cheromylos beach

evia-beach-xeromilos02The beach is located in central Evia shortly after the community Petries. The beach has coarse sand and a very small pebble like the sea bottom. It isn’t a large beach, or  organized, but it is very clean since it faces the Aegean Sea. On the beach there is a canteen, but if you want to sit longer, it would be good idea to have purchased in advance food or snack.

Mourteri  beach

evia-beach-mourteri6With a length of 4.5 km, amazing scenery,   crystal clear waters, sandy and fine gravel beach without pebbles, creates the conditions for peaceful and relaxing moments. A river which crosses the settlement goes through trees, the beach, creating a landscape of natural beauty.     

Chiliadou beach

20070501 Xiliadou 02

25 years ago it was like Matala in Crete, it was very difficult to access and is famous for beach nudism and free camping. Today has kept all the aesthetic features of the beautiful image, coupled with small apartment studios that offer tranquil holidays and magnificent scenery, perhaps the best in Greece. A river descends from Mount Dirfy through huge trees and allows for free camping enthusiasts to enjoy the coolness. For lovers of Robinson, there just right beside the wide beach, a spectacular cave that leads to the sea only by swimming.

* Nudist Beach  


Petali Beach


Located behind Dirfis mountain in central Evia, is characterized by its deep blue waters and pebbles that will magnetize you reaching through an impressive journey, bare wildernesses, blue waters and lush landscape, creating a unique experience for the senses. Characterized by its crystal clear blue waters and is characterized as anideal destination for genuine lovers.

* Difficult access


Beaches on South Evia

Agios Dimitrios beach

agio dimitrios

Internationally famous where the film "Deep End “ was filmed. The gorge ends in turquoise waters in Schinodafleia whatever it is called by locals, with a sea bottom of pebbles that deepen abruptly. It is quite small beach with difficult to access preferred by campers as a unique combination of a one-day excursion by boat or kayak. A Byzantine church of the 11th century complements the seaside attractions.

* Difficult access


Klimaki beach in Evia



A small bay protected from the winds, with amazing clear blue waters, sandy beaches and relatively shallow depths, although situated in Aegean Sea. Within walking distance from the village Saint Apostolon. On the beach you can find 2-3 taverns unless you prefer to enjoy a coffee or meal at the adjacent beach, of Holy Apostles.

** Easy access

Niborio beach


It is a small bay between Marmari and Styra located in South Evia. A natural beauty, clean sea, serenity and tranquility, drawn to nature lovers. Just above a hill, there is a "dragon", a construction of boulders, which by some historians may have been a tribute to the mythical hero of Hercules, the patron of quarrymen, since in ancient times it was famous for marble quarrying.

Zarakes beach


It is a very beautiful beach,  a small bay on the coast of the Aigaio. On the beach there is coarse sand as the seabed and the sea deepens abruptly. There is the beach breakwater prevents waves to reach the shore, so the beach is ideal even for many windy Beaufort. Two taverns and some small hotels are located close by.

Almyrichi beach


A quiet beach with stunning crystal clear waters and two caves that can provide a relatively good shade since there are no trees.

A couple of taverns give you the opportunity to enjoy the beach all day long.

* Difficult access


Cluster Islands' Petalioi



Very close to the coasts of Marmari is the cluster of islands butterflies, the Caribbean Greece, which even separated by narrow canals of the steria. The beautiful cluster of islands consists of ten islands lush and colorful special feature of vrachon . A beauty and exotic beaches fascinate even the most demanding visitor.

*Access only by sea