The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.





Family Holidays


Skyros with the Aegean colour, the particular  local architecture, the rich tradition, the elaborated woodwork, ceramics and embroidery, the intense changes in the landscape, the idyllic beaches, the excellent infrastructure, the unique "Skyrian horse", the local traditional cuisine and hospitality, an ideal family destination that offers many surprises to Greek and foreign visitors. Skyros is mainly an island offering calm, peaceful, secure and enjoyable family holidays. Here, parents and children can make the most oftheir delight andrelaxation. 

Coming to Skyros the first thing that somebody realizes is the “warmth greeting from the localers, the smiles and the friendly atmosphere.


Skyros is not only “sun and sea”. Visitors of all ages can find a wide range of activities to suit them, to fill up their time, to enrich their holiday experiences and to make them unforgettable. 

The feeling of security, of serenity,along with the variety of the sea-water, sport, ecological and cultural activities that are offered in Skyros, make the family holiday unforgettable.

Parents and children can choose among dozens of activities. They can travel back to the mythology and local history by visiting museums and archaeological sites,  wander in  the nature and in the beautiful sceneries, swim in the dreamy beaches with crystal clear blue waters, taste  the delicious cuisine of the island,in which the Mediterranean diet is based on, feel the religious emotion in a country church, practice sports out in the mountains or at the sea enjoying the Mediterranean sun, and of course, wander in the narrow streets and  visit the shops of the island.

All these, blended with the friendship and the locals’ smile make their holiday even more exciting.

Skyros, during summer evenings,comes alive with thepeoples’ strollsin the narrow streets, the local cultural events, the religious celebrations and festivals, which take place at the “chora” (main town) and at the most settlements.


Skyros is the ideal family destination due to its easy and inexpensive access.

Let’s remember the wonderful flora and fauna of the island and its participation in ecological and agro-touristic activities.

The unique Skyrian horses, a rare world species of small horses (its height not exceed 1.09 m.) are the main reason, that parents and children will be enchanted.

These horses are very friendly, social and ideal for kids’ riding.